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Parallel Pilates offers private and semi-private sessions, as well as a variety of group classes. Each session is a full-body workout that integrates your body and mind into a state of total fitness. You leave feeling refreshed and energized.

Private Sessions: These workouts provide one-on-one training in order to develop an individualized practice that is tailored specifically to your needs and goals. We begin with a consultation to define your unique needs and abilities, and then pursue a personalized workout routine to ensure you achieve your personal goals. See pricing for details

Semi-Private/Duet: These sessions allow you to work out with a partner, while still getting the personalized attention and instruction that private sessions offer. See pricing for details

Group Classes: We offer many group classes, including Mat, Reformer and Chair. All classes are designed to offer a challenging and fun workout, and are taught with respect for the traditional principles of Joseph Pilates while also integrating new and innovative exercises.

Group classes are a good choice for those who enjoy working out in a group setting, while still receiving individualized attention. We keep our group classes small to ensure our clients proper form and alignment in order to achieve maximum results. See pricing for details

*All sessions are 55 minutes.

*Private and Semi/private are by appointment only.

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